HighPoint Property Mangement Corp
Experienced Management

Nicole Horton

Nicole Horton, RCM, OLCM and owner of HighPoint, is a licensed Senior Condominium Manager. She has built an expert team of professional advisors and quality trades and suppliers that work with her and will serve our condominium associations upon request.

She and her team of professional property managers will be your partner in managing the condominium association and be a good listener while supporting and advising the Board of Directors. As a result, our portfolio of condominium associations will be efficiently run and financially sound, and we will all have some fun while attending to our respective responsibilities.

Dennis Dalton

Dennis Dalton, CPA, CA supports and advises the management of the firm, working with the experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals at HighPoint. Dennis has extensive experience as the developer of vacant land condominiums in London - The Enclave, The Promenade, The Sanctuary and The Ridge at Byron, overseeing large property management operations, and has spent many years serving on numerous Boards of Directors in Canada and the USA.

Nicole is supported by an expert team of experienced condominium property management staff providing accounting, financial reporting services, administrative assistance, and professional advice as required.

Victoria PhillipsVictoria Phillips, RCM, OLCM, Senior Vice President & Senior Condominium Manager with HighPoint Property Management Corp. Victoria is a licensed property manager in Ontario and possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge of all types of condominiums. She has been a success in all aspects of the industry for over 20 years, managing high-rise, standard unit and vacant land complexes. Victoria has built a wonderful foundation of clients, suppliers and trades. She quite simply excels in the management and direction of condominium corporations.

Courtney Cartmill Karey Stephens, OLCM-L has joined HighPoint as a licensed Condominium Manager with the CMRAO. Karey has 10 years' experience in the property management industry, managing townhouse style, vacant land and high-rise style condominiums. Nicole and Victoria will be actively working with Karey, as a mentor, to share their experiences and expand Karey's knowledge in the field of condominium management.

Anne Vanos is our Office Manager at HighPoint, supporting the operating and accounting staff with everyday duties, assisting with HighPoint clients and contractors. Anne has been in the Condominium Management industry since 2007 and has completed all of the ACMO courses required to obtain the RCM designation.

Aaron Jaglowitz, RCM, OLCM joined the HighPoint team to assist Victoria Phillips with her portfolios and clients. Aaron holds his Registered Condominium Manager designation and is a General Licensed Manager with the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO). Aaron has a wealth of knowledge of the condominium field and is a true benefit to the team.

Louise Grose joined the HighPoint team as our Assistant Condominium Manager, assisting Nicole Horton with her portfolio and clients. Louise has been in the Condominium Management Industry since 2016 and has many years’ experience, in the customer service industry.

Susan Hannah is a key member of our HighPoint team and serves as our Vice President of Administration and Finance. Susan's expertise and experience in the administration of condominiums and financial reporting to our clients, is top notch and second to none. She has held senior positions in our industry for over a decade. Susan works closely with the rest of the HighPoint team, our suppliers, trades and vendors, as well as the numerous auditing firms our clients rely upon.

Shannon Van Noten joined HighPoint to assist and support our Accounting Department in the Accounts Payable, Receivable and collections processes, having had a depth of previous experience in accounting, collections and administration.

Corinne Rieux joined HighPoint to assist and support our Accounting Department in the Accounts Payable function. Corinne has a background in accounting and management.